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(5-6 April 2019)


(12-13 April 2019)


(30-31 August 2019)


(31 Oct-1 Nov 2019)

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Open Master Aesthetic Veneers Symposium – Mr Matt Race

Technology has literally changed every aspect of the way any business operates and never before in history has that change occurred so fast. Matt Race lifts the lid on today’s dental practice and highlights the need for change through technology.

Consultation - Dr Luke Cronin

Come into the consultation rooms of Quality Dental. See the techniques Luke uses to land full arch cosmetic cases. Learn the do’s and don’ts of what patients want to hear and understand the importance of listening and the power of pause. Truly understand exactly what it takes to motivate your patients and deliver 126 veneers in 10 days.

Photography - Dr Luke Cronin & Mr Matt Race

Photography is dentistry’s most prolific tool; and is single-handedly the fastest way to grow your practice. Patient education, case acceptance and Social Media are all reliant for effective digital photography. Learn what little equipment is needed, the best photographic procedures and see how simple it is to take your digital photography to the next level.

The Team - Dr Luke Cronin

There is nothing more important in the delivery of outstanding results as well as the general running of today’s successful dental practice than the assistants and reception team. Understand how well-disciplined team members can nurture the patient and 3rd party endorse the sale; and ensure they understand everything required to maximise efficient outcomes.

Digital Smile Design - Dr Luke Cronin & Mr Matt Race

Smile design principles help dental professionals create highly aesthetic restorative treatment plans for teeth based on a patient’s desired smile. It enables the patient, doctor and lab technician to work together as a team to evaluate aesthetics directly from the patient photos. This involves the patient right from the start and helps drive case acceptance.

3Shape Smile Design Live Demonstration - Dr Luke Cronin

Working from a 2d photo of the patient, dental professionals use 3Shape Smile Design to draw the suggested restoration directly onto the patient’s 2d image. This new fully integrated system takes minutes instead of the old-fashioned, more time-consuming way of drawing and exporting files using a variety of software programs.

Live Motivational Mockup - Dr Luke Cronin

The motivational mockup is the emotional tool your clinic needs to ensure your patients accept you as their clinician and gives them a firm understanding first-hand of what they can look like post treatment. Understand the difference between a motivation mockup and the ideal diagnostic result and see live how to do a motivational mockup for a typical cosmetic case.

Preparation I & II - Dr Luke Cronin & Mr Matt Race

There are many aspects to good preparation design and execution. Understand the different techniques required to address diastemas, crowding, narrow arches, short and long teeth, discolouration and mal-alignment whilst ensuring the longevity of the final results. Understand what preparation techniques best suit today’s leading dental materials and appreciate the benefits of diagnostics and preparation guides from both the clinician and technician’s view. Learn how less becomes more.

Scanning & Temporisation - Dr Luke Cronin & Mr Matt Race

All clinicians know the importance of accurate impressions, but no one appreciates them more than the dental technician. Be exposed to the latest world leading digital impression technology and techniques that simplify the process. There are far more benefits to temporisation than giving the patient temporary teeth. Provisional solutions are the key to understanding the needs and wants of the client. Recognise how the provisional teeth can become the trial smile and learn how to use them as a motivational tool to gain your clients trust.

The Team - Dr Luke Cronin

There is nothing more important in the delivery of outstanding results as well as the general running of today’s successful dental practice than the assistants and reception team. Understand how well-disciplined team members can nurture the patient and 3rd party endorse the sale; and ensure they understand everything required to maximise efficient outcomes.

3Shape Scanner Live Demonstration - Mr Matt Race

Give your patients a great treatment experience with fast, easy and accurate real-colour impressions. See the world’s latest digital impression technology and understand what is involved in delivering more optimal treatment results. See a live demonstration of how quick and easy it is to do a full mouth scan.

CAD/CAM and Laboratory Workflows - Mr Matt Race

Clinicians should be aware of the importance of using a high-tech, well-resourced digital laboratory with experience in both dental aesthetics and complete digital workflows. See some of the expertise that is required behind the scenes to manufacture today’s contemporary restorative results and appreciate how the latest software can merge these technologies.

Bonding - Dr Luke Cronin

Long term results are reliant on correct bonding techniques. Be exposed to industry best materials for ensuring your veneers are etched, cleaned, placed, bonded and cleaned up correct and see how to bond a full set of veneers in the most efficient way. Precise cementation can be made quick and easy when a simple protocol is in place.

Review - Dr Luke Cronin

Knowing what’s required during an effective review can be a value add to a dental clinic and ensure your patients sing your praises to your next prospective client. See the simple practice of cultivating referrals through valuing the follow up process.

Social Media - Dr Luke Cronin

There is nothing better a dental practice can do than to take advantage of todays fast paced and extremely responsive social media concepts. Digital marketing has become the gold standard in exposing an offering to the world instantly. New platforms are being built and improved upon on a daily basis and has been proven to differentiate its users faster than ever before. As Australia’s most followed dentist on Social Media Luke will show you everything he does to attract clients from all over the globe. This is where the magic happens.


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Course Presenters
Dr Luke Cronin
Quality Dental

Dr Luke Cronin is a leading Sydney-based dentist focused on providing first class cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. Dr Cronin has a specific interest in cosmetic smile design, digital workflows, porcelain veneers and clear aligner therapy. Luke’s passion for balanced, natural looking smiles has attracted models, actors, fitness personalities worldwide.

Dr Cronin provides a refreshingly contemporary approach to customer service in his Quality Dental practice overlooking the iconic harbour bridge.

As an early adopter of the latest technology and dental techniques, Dr Cronin plans, designs and delivers ideal outcomes coupled with a more efficient, predictable and comfortable patient experience.

Dr Cronin is regularly featured as the leading cosmetic dentists in his regular segments on television and publications such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, GQ, Cosmopolitan, and Marie-Claire.

Luke has a significant following on social media that allows him to regularly connect with his international client base.

 Website | Facebook | Instagram

Mr Matt Race
Race Dental

Matthew Race is the Director of Race Dental Laboratory (Australia’s largest dental laboratory). He is an L.V.I. Master Technician and was the first 3M ESPE Lava trainer and demonstrator for Australasia. After completing his qualifications in 1994, he studied extensively throughout Europe and the U.S. gaining accolades at the Vita Factory in Germany, Schottlander Factory in England and studied Neuromuscular Dentistry at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. He is a lecturer and demonstrator for the Heraeus Kulzer Academy and a lecturer for the Australian Institute of Implant Dentistry.

In 2003 he founded the accredited implant study course “Simplicity with Implants” training dentists to confidently place and restore implants.

Matt Race furthered his Digital Smile Design (DSD) journey in 2015 by becoming a global DSD certified laboratory. In 2018 Matt Race successfully pioneered a complete digital workflow for the manufacture of CAD/CAM veneers. He has enabled dentists to achieve predictable and repeatable outcomes simply and effectively and passionately delivers cosmetic results from his state-of-the-art laboratories in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

As a specialist Crown, Bridge and Implant technician he is currently one of the senior technical advisers for Core3dcentres International and has contributed to leading dental magazines and journals throughout Asia Pacific.

 Website | Facebook | Instagram